Welcome to IPP

The Innovation Policy Platform (IPP) is a joint initiative developed by the OECD and the World Bank. The aim of the platform is to provide policy practitioners around the world with a simple and easy-to-use tool, supporting them in the innovation policy-making process. This is done by facilitating collective learning about innovation policy, both conceptual and how-to aspects, tailored to the needs of developing and developed countries.


The IPP has been developed thanks to the support and funding provided by the OECD and the World Bank Group. On behalf of the OECD, efforts have been led by the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry and the Working Group on Innovation and Technology Policy. World Bank Group contributions have been led by the the Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Unit and the World Bank Institute.

The Innovation Policy Platform has received valuable support from the Competitive Industries and Innovation Programme (CIIP). The World Bank Group, with the European Union (EU) and the African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), along with the Governments of Austria and Switzerland, recently set up the CIIP to help scale up its technical assistance to developing countries that seek to boost industry competitiveness. CIIP-funded operations will help developing countries design large industry reform programs, using a multi-sectoral approach to address all binding constraints to help unlock the potential for firms and industries to grow, create jobs, and compete successfully in the global marketplace.