E-learning for better innovation policies: the World Bank's course on innovation policy for developing countries

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Submitted by Carlos Hinojosa on February 25, 2014 - 10:12am

The World Bank's e-learning course on innovation policy for developing countries has just come to a close. The course is designed for policymakers, government officials and innovation policy practitioners seeking to better understand innovation, its potential economic and developmental impact, and the policy instruments best suited to support it. In addition to discussing the concept of innovation policy, the course explains the notion of pragmatic innovation strategies by drawing from real-life examples around the world. In doing so, it addresses the role of government in creation the adequate conditions for successful innovation eco-systems to emerge. In terms of learning outcomes, the course seeks to provide participants with a concrete understanding of innovation and the major components of innovation policy for them to be able to make policy recommendations for innovation policy reforms in their own countries or regions.


The course is organized into five modules that explore different aspects of innovation policy making, including the role of education and research in spurring innovation and the types of monitoring and evaluation systems suited for innovation policy. The sixth and final module of the course requires participants to carry out a practical exercise to develop a 'country action plan'. This exercise allows participants to apply the concepts, principles and strategies learned in this course to a country of their choice. Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to contribute to discussions relating to each of the modules covered.


This year the top two country action plans prepared by course participants are being published on the Innovation Policy Platform in recognition of their quality. The IPP would like to congratulate these teams for their hard work and active participation throughout the course:


A proposal for a Brazilian national innovation strategy was prepared by David Fernández Terreros (Spain), André de Oliveira Fernandes (Brazil) and David Gleiser (Colombia)


An innovation policy action and strategy plan form Trinidad and Tobago was prepared by Tricia Owen (Trinidad and Tobago), Maurice McNaughton (Jamaica), Richard Mavisi Liahona (Kenya) and Francis Tembo (Zambia)


Make sure to follow the news section of the IPP over coming weeks for information on the next course.