Digital Science and Innovation Policy (DSIP)

Introduction to the DSIP Community of Practice

Welcome to the DSIP Community of Practice - a collaborative space for policy experts and coordinators of the DSIP initiatives to share documents, ideas, discuss hot topics and work on the same working documents.

The DSIP project’s overarching objective is to provide policy-makers and researchers with the means to make an informed assessment of the transformational potential and possible pitfalls of DSIP. Besides a few notable exceptions, DSIP initiatives have been barely studied, particularly in a comparative framework. Yet, there is considerable scope for international mutual learning on DSIP, which the study will facilitate. There is also potential for greater international cooperation on various aspects of DSIP, including data sharing and common standards and platforms, which the project will explore.

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Promises of the DSIP initiatives

Challenges of the DSIP initiatives


Standards and unique identifiers