OECD GSF / Digital Skills for Data-intensive Science

Digital Skills for Data-intensive Science - OECD Project

Digital Skills for Data-intensive Science - OECD Project

Digitalisation is changing the practice of science (open science) and all fields of research are increasingly data dependent. Open data and the requirements for  inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches introduce additional pressuers and needs for data skills in science. These skills are required at multiple levels: individual scientists, research teams, institutional services, research infrastructures etc. There are separate but related policy discussions on the digital skills required for scientists in the age of open science, and the new reward and incentive systems and career paths that will be required meet the need for new data scientists and professionals in science systems. The OECD Global Science (GSF) is developing a systematic analysis of practices for accessing and building digital skills in science across different communities and countries. The GSF project is designed to promote mutual learning between countries and the main output will be policy recommendations/options concerning digital skills for data-intensive science.

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