Achieving Equity (Tertiary Education for the Knowledge Society: Volume 1 and Volume 2)

Equity is increasingly prominent in countries' tertiary education policies. More attention is being focused on learners with more limited opportunities to access and succeed in tertiary education due to circumstances unrelated to their ability to benefit from tertiary education. This Chapter analyses equity in tertiary education. It defines what equity at tertiary education level entails, recognising that it is affected by inequities in previous levels of education. It provides an overview of contextual developments affecting equity in tertiary education and reviews current equity trends. It also offers an overview of the range of factors which affect equity in tertiary education, reviews available empirical evidence, and illustrates policy initiatives in participating countries. The Chapter concludes with a set of policy options for countries to consider. Equity issues related to approaches to funding tertiary education are discussed in Chapter 4 and are only briefly mentioned in this Chapter. In addition, the Chapter focuses on equity in tertiary education and only briefly addresses equity through tertiary education (or the social mobility effects of tertiary education).
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What Countries are Doing