E-mobility in Austria (Austria)

The Austrian case study on e-mobility examined the challenge of defining the boundaries of e-mobility from a policy perspective. The impacts are expected to be great, with changing car use patterns, ownership models and intermodal mobility systems. Thus, the stakeholders are manifold, ranging from local to international level and including the automotive industry and electric utility companies, among others. At the moment, range anxiety and the reluctance to give up ownership on the user side, and the uncertainty of future business models and lacking standards on the provider side represent major barriers to system change. Innovation policy should try to avoid the duplication of activities and improve policy coordination. There is general acknowledgement that the transition to e-mobility will not simply be the replacement of one technology with another. With regard to economic incentives, there should be more efforts to adjust business models to local conditions. Indicators for monitoring the transition are currently lacking, one reason being the unclear relationship between policies and indicators.
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