Michoacan (OECD Reviews of Regional Innovation: 15 Mexican States 2009)

The state of Michoacan in central Mexico (the Centre-West meso-region) is the 16th largest state in terms of land size. With a population of just over four million inhabitants (3.8% of the national total), it is the 14th most densely populated. Particularities include the large share of rural residents at 32% of the state's population (23.5% national average). After the capital Morelia, other important cities include Uruapan, Pátzcuaro, Zamora and Lazaro Cárdenas. It has a major port in Lazaro Cardenas of great importance on the Pacific Coast. The state population actually declined between 2000-2005 (-0.1%) due to migration to the US and other Mexican states, with 6.7% of its population 15-64 having migrated to the US in the last year recorded (second largest annual flows in absolute terms). The state consequently receives considerable amounts of remittances. In terms of educational attainment, it is far behind the national averages in both schooling years and the proportion of its population over 15 years that completed secondary schooling.
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