Opening markets to competition (Making Reform Happen: Lessons from OECD Countries)

This chapter offers an overview of OECD experience in the field of product-market reform and seeks to identify lessons that may assist policy makers in advancing such reforms where unnecessary restraints on entry or competition remain in place. It begins with a summary of market-opening reforms in the OECD before turning to look in greater detail at reform experiences in respect of both internationalisation (foreign trade and foreign investment) and domestic liberalisation. This is followed by a look at the process of product-market reform, including interactions with interest groups, consumers and other stakeholders, the creation of effective institutions to drive and implement reforms, and the complementarities that can be realised when reforms are pursued in a co-ordinated fashion across a number of domains. The major lessons that emerge from this analysis are then summarised in a brief conclusion.
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What Countries are Doing

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Published by OECD in 2010