Research excellence initiatives and centres of excellence (Promoting Research Excellence: New Approaches to Funding)

This chapter describes the basic characteristics of centres of excellence (CoEs) funded through research excellence initiatives (REIs) in 14 OECD countries. The analysis is based on quantitative and qualitative information collected by the OECD/RIHR survey to CoEs. It presents results on funding schemes and cycles, research fields, the age profile of CoEs, researchers and the mechanisms to create networks and foster interdisciplinary research. The information and results are also disaggregated by the size of CoEs in order to compare the characteristics of CoEs funded with different intensities. The chapter also examines the management structures between host institutions and CoEs, the reasons for a CoE to pursue interdisciplinary research, the impact of CoE research, and the value of REIs.
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Published by OECD in 2014

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