Tamaulipas (OECD Reviews of Regional Innovation: 15 Mexican States 2009)

The state of Tamaulipas is a border state in the North-East meso-region. It has coast to the Gulf of Mexico and is also an oil and gas rich state. It is the 6th largest in surface area (about half the size of Austria). With a population of just over 3 million inhabitants (2.9% of Mexico's total) it is ranked 23rd in terms of population density. The state has a more urbanised population than the national average at 87.2% versus 76.5% nationally. Several important cities in the state include: Tampico (port), Ciudad Victoria, Ciudad Madero, Nuevo Laredo (border to US city), Reynosa (border to US city) and Matamoros (border to US city). The state population is growing at a higher rate than the national average (1.7% versus 1.0% nationally). In terms of education, it is ahead of the national averages in both schooling years and in the proportion of its population over 15 years that completed secondary schooling.
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