Tools to support the system (Learning for Jobs)

VET systems do not exist in isolation; their effectiveness depends on their links to the labour market. This implies two types of supporting arrangements. First we need tools to engage the key stakeholders in VET - in particular so that employers can explain the skills that they need, and negotiate the provision of these skills with other stakeholders, and to ensure that the content of VET -what is taught in VET schools and in the workplace and how exams are designed- is relevant to the labour market. Second we need information tools so that the value of vocational programmes of study can be identified, recognised and analysed. These information tools include qualification frameworks, systems of assessment, and data and research. Better information might be provided either through leaver surveys, or through the development of longitudinal datasets, linking VET administrative records to later experience including employment experience. Better data need to be linked to the capacity to interpret and use those data in national institutions for VET research.
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What Countries are Doing