Transferable skills for researchers: Policy challenges and directions (Transferable Skills Training for Researchers: Supporting Career Development and Research)

The appropriate role for governments in transferable skills training is the central question addressed by this study. While much training activity appears to be initiated spontaneously by institutions, possible areas of action for governments include boosting monitoring and evaluation, encouraging greater dialogue between academia and industry, supporting modes of workplace-based training and leveraging policies on collaborative research. These suggestions take into account the constraints on the information gathered for the study and address issues identified as relevant by numerous stakeholders. This concluding chapter presents ideas on policy challenges and future policy directions for transferable skills training for researchers. It begins by setting out the views on policy expressed by delegates to the OECD Working Party on Research Institutions and Human Resources (RIHR) and experts who attended the Workshop on Transferable Skills Training for Researchers: Supporting Career Development and Research (Annex C presents the workshop programme). It then draws together the main points emerging from the study to highlight key policy issues and potential avenues for policy makers to consider.
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