Workshop Report: Innovating through the Crisis

On June 9-11, 2011, the Ruder Boškovic Institute of Croatia, the Korea Development Institute and the World Bank organized a high-level policy workshop in Dubrovnik, Croa- tia, which was the culminating event of a joint capacity development initiative “Innovating through the Crisis – How to Do It?”, conducted between February and May 2011, covering Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Romania. The initiative com- prised a series of activities (position papers, country case studies and a policy workshop) targeting key actors in resource allocation for innovation policy within broader development agendas. The workshop’s objective was to help the group of four econo- mies mainstream innovation and R&D policies into their development agendas including in the context of aligning with the requirements of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The event was attended by policymakers and private sector leaders from all partici- pating countries. Moreover, delega- tions of high representatives and key experts from the Korea Development Institute, the European Commission and the World Bank took part in the workshop. Speakers included high level officials from the European Commission as well as public officials from Finland, Ireland, Korea, and Switzerland and top management of multinational corporations, like Hewl- ett Packard, Yahoo!, Renault Technol- ogie and others. This report outlines the main findings of the workshop.
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Published by World Bank in 2010

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