Workshop: 'Gene Editing in an international Context: Scientific, Economic and Social Issues across Sectors' (2 days)

When: Thursday, Sep 29, 2016 - Friday, Sep 30, 2016, (All day)

This workshop aims to stimulate a wide-ranging discussion that involves scientists, business leaders, policy makers and opinion leaders. It will be a cross-disciplinary event to exchange information and approaches across countries on the science, governance, and economics of gene editing innovations in:

  • Applications in Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • Environmental Applications, and
  • Applications in Human Medicine.

Working through breakout sessions and case studies, the meeting will highlight policy issues of applications in each sector. It will also explore the important issues shared across these sectors that are critical to economies, including issues of science policy, innovation and governance.

In addition, the workshop aims to address certain economic questions raised by gene editing, notably IP issues and business and financing models, with a view to highlighting important aspects of responsible commercialisation.

The workshop will highlight and discuss the current trends and technology realisations in each sector and give an overview of what the new technology development may bring, and where different issues of controversy and safety across different expertise fields lay.

The developments of gene editing will be viewed against existing governance structures and common policies. Issues around ethics and social responsibility throughout the research and innovation process for new diagnostics, therapies, and technologies will be raised and discussed. Here the goal of good policy should not just be deployment, but socially responsible development in accord with public values so that economic and health benefits can be realised and trust in science and governing institutions preserved. Emerging codes of conduct and other governance mechanisms will be discussed with a view to clarifying elements of a common framework and shaping future development.

Follow this link to download the workshop agenda, or to find out how to register for the workshop.