Ongoing IT developments in the IPP

The IPP is actively being upgraded with many features and functionalities requested not only by Delegates but also within the Secretariat. This work aims to enhance the site's IT infrastructure required to move the site out of "beta" status.

The latest release in production took place 2 May and contained several improvements in the user experience for Communities. 

    • The IPP now "remembers" the page users were trying to access before logging-in.
    • Users can request access to private CoPs. Community managers receive alerts and can proceed to approve.
    • New notification system to (optionally, on a case-by-case basis) alert users of new content by email.
    • Users may reply directly to notification emails to participate in discussion posts.
    • Bugfixes and optimisations.

The next round of development will focus on the IPP's look-and-feel, including an overhaul of page layouts throughout the site and introducing the capability to host e-publications.