2014 e-Outlook and beyond

We've just contracted an IT company (Info3) to help with production of the 2014 e-Outlook, which is due to be launched on the IPP on 17 June to coincide with the next TIP meeting. The company will develop dynamic versions of the Country Profile charts. In the meantime, we're translating the Outlook's texts into html ready for upload into the IPP over the coming weeks.

We've taken a further step forward in updating the STIO policy database with countries' responses to the 2014 questionnaire. Sandrine was in Brussels on 4 May to train EC officials on updating the entries for EC countries. This is part of an agreement that will see the OECD and EC join forces on the next STIO questionnaire. An up-to-date policy database is critical for the e-Outlook and for pre-filling the next STIO questionnaire, which will be circulated "pre-filled" to countries after the summer.

We're planning to organise two internal brainstorming workshops in early June as part of the STIO 2016 "forward look" process. More details to follow.