Agricultural research

A strong science and technology system contributes to innovation and sustainable, equitable agricultural development. Agricultural research systems are the source of new knowledge and the resulting products, services, and management practices that enable productivity to grow. The performance of research systems and its contribution to long-term productivity challenges and shorter-term market demands require both upgrading of the R&D infrastructure and investing in institutional infrastructure. Such research system include mechanisms that enhance research demand articulation, facilitate effective national and international institutional partnerships (including PPPs), help leverage skills and resources and diversity funding, and result in improved products and practices that meet the needs of the entire agro-food system. The types of organizations, mechanisms and nature of these partnerships in the generation of innovation will depend on the market orientation of the agricultural sector and private investment in agro-industry.
This section will examine the reforms, capacities, mechanisms and approaches – such as co-design approaches, innovation platforms, research and innovation alliances and consortia, and technology transfer and commercialization approaches - that are needed and can be applied in different agricultural and market contexts.  
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