BNCT Indicator-'Brain-Dump'

Dear BNCT Task Force on Measurement and Impact (TFMI, former TFSIIA),

PLEASE find here the BNCT-Indicator-'brain-dump'-table, circulated to you by email (7. August 2015). Please leave your thoughts/comments/etc. in the blue cells of the excel sheet, change the file-name (!), and upload the new file here (by clicking on the blue title of this discussion post) or send via email to Steffi Friedrichs.

[NOTE: you are strongly encouraged to use this discussion forum to share files and your thoughts with the TFMI; if you do so, be aware of the 'Notifications'-box in the top right hand corner of this page: please send notifcations of updates to the Project on Statistics & Indicators ONLY]



Dear Steffi,

See the excel sheet with my suggestions and comments attached.

Noela Invernizzi (Brazil)



Attached please find a copy of the brain dump spreasheet with my comments.

Best regards,

Mike Meador


Dear Steffi,

Attached please find  the spread sheet with my comments.

One general question: How about the frequency of data collection? Not all indicators need the same frequency.

Best regards,

René Martins


Dear TFMI,

Many thanks for your constructive comments delivered both in writing and during the 2nd TFMI Meeting (1st October 2015).

Please find here the resulting Brain-Dump-Spreadsheet: in Version 3 (v3),

  • all comment have been adopted and are now consolidated in this sheet, and
  • the additions suggested during the 2nd TFMI Meeting have been added.

Please send additional comments/suggestion on the Brain-Dump-Spreadsheet to me (via email) or upload the spreadsheet here (as a reply to this blog entry) by Friday, 23rd October 2015.

ANSWER to the questions posted above:

The TFMI envisages to establish a list of priority indicators (by December 2015), for which data will be collated in 2016. Since some of these indicators may be 'experimental', the TFMI might decide not to collect data for these indicators again after 2016, but the majority of indicators is expected to be based on data that can be collected as part of the OECD's country questionnaires (i.e. NESTI), which is run once or twice per year.

best wishes,