Turkey - Open science country note

Open science and the national context

At the national level, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MoSIT) initiated a series of meetings in different cities throughout Turkey in order to increase open science research and development activities. Universities and the industrial sector came together at these meetings, and not only discussed their problems but also found solutions. The 26 meetings, held in 2013, ended with a final workshop in Ankara. This workshop focused on consolidating the problems of, and suggesting solutions for, collaboration between industry and university; the focus is necessary, because only that collaboration can convert academic information into commodities. 

Open science research and innovation actors

MoSIT is an important government actor involved in open science initiatives. Not only does it support firms as they pursue their projects, but it also encourages university-industry collaboration by holding different meetings all over the country.

Policy design

The Industrial Thesis (SAN-TEZ) Projects Support Programme is implemented by MoSIT. This programme contributes to open science by encouraging firms and universities work together and, in so doing, helps transform university research into innovative products and processes in line with the needs of the industry. Eligible projects are provided with grant finance up to 85% of the project budget.

The programme is implemented under the by-law to support industrial these projects, issued by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2014, and the law on the organisation and duties of MoSIT (2011 Decree-Law No. 635).

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