Using the IPP to support the work of STI

The Innovation Policy Platform (IPP) features several tools that can potentially improve collaboration within STI.

This workspace is a first attempt at a proof-of-concept, by inviting colleagues to use the platform to express ideas and start discussions. It offers advantages to traditional methods including different threads in separate posts, allowing discussions to organically emerge.

Beyond this particular exercise for the 29 June meeting, the IPP can offer Communities to support OECD projects and events with the following features:

  • * Sharing news and events
  • * Easily embedding media (e.g. videos and twitter feeds)
  • * User-friendly sign-up system using third-part accounts (e.g. google and linkedIn)
  • * A dropbox-like file-sharing system
  • * Sharing news and events
  • * Multiple levels of access, i.e. a public "shopwindow" for the project and private (e.g. delegates only) sections.

Within this range of possibilities, here are some questions that could help us understand how to better leverage the IPP to improve the work of STI.

1) What needs do you currently have with regards to disemminating information and material?

2) How are these needs unmet by current solutions that are available to you?

3) What do you expect from collaborative tools?

4) What do you think delegates expect from such tools?

Looking forward to hearing your views,