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OECD STI Seminars


Start-Up Nation, Productivity Breakdown - The Challenges of Dual Economy

Avi Hasson




Innovation for Growth and Shared Prosperity


Promo Video for the Innovation for Growth and Shared Prosperity

The Market for Ideas and Economic Growth: A Historical Perspective

Joel Mokyr

Innovation, Productivity, [and Growth] 


Bronwyn Hall

Impacts of R&D and Innovation on Employment and Productivity: A Bird’s Eye View
Jacques Mairesse

Inspiration through innovation: from “eureka!” moments to policy lessons

Bozidar Djelic

Finland as a Knowledge Economy 2.0

Kimmo Halme

Density and Destiny: The Benefits of Clustering Together

Ed Glaeser 

If Technology Has Arrived Everywhere, Why has Income Diverged?

Diego Comin

Innovation Policies for Inclusive Development

Susan Cozzens

Creating what’s next for ICT in Agriculture

Alloysius Attah

Innovation Policy 

Scott Stern

Intellectual Property in a Global Context or What do Patents Really Do?    

Scott Stern

Patents, Prizes, or Procurement

Scott Stern

University-Industry and the New Economics of Science

Juan Rogers

University-Industry and the New Economics of Science: CASE STUDIES

Juan Rogers

Case Demola: Tampere region knowledge based economic development 2.0

Dr. Kari Kankaala

Technology Diffusion: Economics and Policies  

Juan Rogers 

New Institutions for Innovation Finance: Global Angels and Crowdfunding

Christian Catalini

Financing Innovation: Linking diaspora angels to startup entrepreneurs in the Caribbean 

Qahir Dhanani

MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP)

Scott Stern
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