The Case of Electric Vehicles (China)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are seen to offer China enormous potential to achieve industry leadership and address the shortage of oil-based fuel and environmental pollution. The transition of EV transport system covers a series of changes from strategies and policies in central and local governments to the behaviour of industry and consumers. It is a long-run effort which needs long-term and sustainable policy involvement and other interventions. Success could only be achieved through concerted public and private investments. Development of an EV system covers different layers - social, technological, industrial, economic, and policy. Since 2000, the Chinese government has been taking great efforts develop and commercialise EVs. Polices include supply-side measures and demand-side measures. So far China has achieved great progress in the EV development, both technologically and market. However, the transition to an ideal EV transport system is still in an early stage of take-off. It is still facing several challenges in technology, infrastructures, market and local protectionism.
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