Increasing Student Interest in S&T Studies (Encouraging Student Interest in Science and Technology Studies)

While young people generally have a positive view of science and technology (S&T), the image of S&T as a profession is largely negative. Positive contacts with S&T at an early age can have a long-lasting impact while negative experiences at school, due to uninteresting content or poor teaching, are often very detrimental to future choices. Teachers frequently report a lack of resources and opportunities to reflect upon their way of teaching and to increase their knowledge. In many countries, most primary teachers come from a non-S&T background, and many have not had any specific training in S&T. Interest in S&T is observed to decline most sharply around age 15. This is also when gender differentiation starts to translate into choices, and when key future orientations are set. Curricula are often too rigid to allow pupils who do not choose S&T as their primary subjects to come back to science later.
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