Long-term care in the United Kingdom (United-Kingdom)

The long-term care system provides support for those with long-term health conditions. It
is undergoing a transition as the focus shifts from residential care in hospitals, nursing
homes and care homes to treating and supporting people in their own homes. This is
being driven by both a desire amongst older people for greater independence and choice
in later life, and a need to manage the increasing financial pressures an ageing population
creates. The challenge to society is enormous, the commercial opportunities are large, and
a significant policy response is emerging. This transition is being facilitated by new
assisted living technologies and associated changes in how the care system operates.

Long-term care is changing in two distinct ways. Firstly, the nature of treatment and
support is changing focus from residential care to assisted living. Secondly, the way
treatment is delivered is shifting from patients taking what the NHS and local authorities
provide, to patients having greater choice and flexibility with the option of procuring directly
from suppliers.
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