Promoting data-driven scientific research (Data-Driven Innovation: Big Data for Growth and Well-Being)

This chapter summarises the recent evolution of science – mainly thanks to the advent of data analytics – towards a more open and data-driven enterprise. It examines how new and evolving opportunities for interconnecting and sharing have led to what could be called citizen science. A discussion follows on the various impacts of open access to science, research and innovation on the business and science communities and on citizens. There are examples of organisations involved in open data efforts, and an exploration of the challenges and opportunities presented by data sharing. The focus then shifts to policies and practices in the OECD area and beyond, with the emphasis on infrastructure for data sharing. With unrestricted access to publications and data, firms and individuals may use and reuse scientific outputs to produce new products and services – but do scientists and researchers have the incentives or indeed the skills to perform these tasks?
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