The role of government (OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Slovenia 2012)

This chapter surveys the various public activities that influence the Slovenian innovation system. It traces the rather steady and incremental development of policy over time. It describes the governance structure in some detail: the budgeting, advisory and steering functions as well as the main actors at ministerial and agency level. Analysis of their interactions leads to a number of policy conclusions and recommendations for improved governance mechanisms. Next the chapter considers the large array of funding programmes at both the national and European levels. The chapter concludes by drawing together main findings of this review regarding major functions an innovation system has to perform. It points at scope to strengthen the framework conditions for innovation, maximise the benefits from the internationalisation of R&D and strengthen the human resource base for science and innovation. Further it addresses possible improvements of the governance of the innovation system and measures to foster innovation in the business sector, to achieve critical mass, excellence and relevance of public research and to strengthen the links in the innovation system.
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