Impact Assessment of Innovation Policy

Defining Research Priorities

In order to enable a more in-depth analysis, the experts group might choose to select two or three of priority topics from the following:

  • What are the contributions of public research to innovation? To what extent will returns differ across disciplines and technology fields? Which industries benefit most?
  • Which transmission channels from public research to innovation are most effective? What is the contribution of the commercialisation of public research? How important are more informal types of public research-industry linkages? What is the contribution of traditional research reproduced in publications? 
  • Does the involvement of public research organisations in the commercialisation of public research affect their research activities? Does encouraging public research organisation to co-operate with industry lead to trade-offs with regard to their roles in research? 
  • Is support of excellence in research critical to maximising the impacts of public research on innovation?
  • How could public research contribute better to industries’ and firms’ needs? How important are “absorptive capacities” for businesses to benefit from public research? What are relevant steps to enhance those capacities? How should public research respond to industry priorities?
  • What policy instruments support wider impact of public research? What has worked best to foster the commercialisation of public research? What about differential and joint impacts? What are implications of differences across fields of activity?


Further detail is provided in DSTI/STP/TIP(204)11/ANN.

 This discussion forum provides an opportunity to comment on project priorities.

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