Impact Assessment of Innovation Policy

F. International and national research priorities

What reserch priorities do you identify for your country?

Research is increasingly conducted in international research networks, particularly in frontier research areas and for the group of leading researchers. What is more, the Internet increasingly facilitates the cross-border dissemination of knowledge. Engaging in international research provides opportunities for maximising returns on national funding for research and global opportunities for industries to tap into relevant knowledge sources for their activities. The international dimensions of research raise the question: what research is most critical for national (or even regional) research institutions? The capacity to tap into those leading research projects puts further emphasis on seeking “excellence”. Own capacities will matter in the transmission of knowledge. Local industry might not effectively benefit much from research conducted abroad if distance hinders building collaborations. The tacit elements of knowledge, which continue to require face-to-face interactions, will also support a need for national research capacities, at least to translate research to industry allowing adoption. Such focus might require emphasis on “platform sciences”.