Impact Assessment of Innovation Policy

4.2 Data on Innovation Performance

The Orbis database can be used to analyse impacts of public research at the establishment level across countries. The linking of firms in the database to the PatStat database is particularly interesting as impacts of research on patenting of firms could be analysed. Firm-level data are interesting also in order to investigate heterogeneous impacts across different types of firms. Well-known caveats regarding the coverage of firms across countries and other shortcomings would have to be accounted for. Moreover, the STAN database allows conducting an alternative cross-country impact analysis at industry rather than firm level.

Relevant national sources include R&D and other firm surveys/censuses. These data are not only valuable as they provide a representative sample. Panel data also allow more robust identification of causal relationships. The Community Innovation Surveys (CIS) can provide perspectives on collaboration based on the value firms give to inputs from public research. Firms provide information on their collaboration with public research institutions, including on whether innovations were developed involving universities and research institutes. The CIS also contains information on whether universities or higher education institutes, government or public research institutes were important and what role scientific journals and trade/technical publications played.