Innovation for Inclusive Growth

Innovation for Inclusive Growth - OECD Project

The OECD project “Innovation for Inclusive Growth” (2013-16) has analysed the impacts of innovation and related policies on inclusive growth. It has also developed concrete policy solutions to support countries in reconciling their innovation and inclusive development agendas. Follow-up work started in 2017 looks at the impacts of the digital transformation on inclusive growth. 

The Inclusive Innovation Policy Toolkit on the OECD-World Bank Innovation Policy Platform helps policy makers design and implement effective innovation policies for inclusive growth.

The project has been conducted under the auspices of the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP). It has mobilised OECD competences in innovation, education, and regional development and has contributed to the OECD’s Inclusive Growth Initiative. This transversal initiative aims to deliver a renewed strategic policy agenda by identifying how to define and measure the concept of inclusive growth and shedding light on the policy options and tradeoffs to promote growth and inclusiveness.


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The OECD’s Inclusive Innovation Policy Toolkit is a practical and interactive guide developed to aid policy makers design and implement effective innovation policies for inclusive growth. It provides a set of examples of inclusive innovation policies implemented in different countries. 

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This space is dedicated to further discussions and exchanges between the Advisory Group members and the OECD Innovation for Inclusive Growth Project team

Past Events

  Symposium on Technology, Innovation and Inclusive Growth: Future Perspectives

  28-29 April 2016

  Paris, France



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International Conference on Innovation for Inclusive Growth

10-12 February 2015

New Delhi, India



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Symposium on Innovation and Inclusive Growth

20-21 March 2014

OECD, Paris, France



Global Forum on Development Session 3: Innovation Policies for Inclusive Development

2 July 2014

OECD, Paris, France 


Conference on Innovation and Inclusive Development

21 November 2012

Cape Town, South Africa

Project publication (2015)

The "Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth" publication focuses on how innovation can serve inclusive development. It discusses a variety of inclusive innovations aimed at improving the welfare of excluded groups, notably in terms of essential public services and policy approaches to support inclusive innovation. It also looks at industrial and territorial inclusiveness.

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