Innovation Within Cities – Policy Approaches to Grow Tech Startup Ecosystems and Increase Innovation in Cities

Hello everyone and welcome to the discussion forum for "Innovation Within Cities – Policy Approaches to Grow Tech Startup Ecosystems and Increase Innovation in Cities”.

Please feel free to use this forum to post questions and continue the discussion after the webinar.




Please see below the resources from Victor Mulas' presentation:

Research Advancements World Bank ICT Innovation Team


Example of Ecosystem Development Program:

Lebanon Mobile Internet Ecosystem Program (MIEP):

Example of Program for Government as a Platform for Entrepreneurship:

Chile Smart City Gran Concepcion:

Research from Endeavor Insight Mapping Ecosystems:

New York Map:

Cairo Map:


The angel investor report from infoDev, mentioned by Justin:


More info on Venture Capital  check out the presentation from Tom Nastas on the CoP site


A selection of questions asked during the webinar - most of which were addressed during the webinar:

Dr. Marc Weiss: Who coordinates the international network for innovation hubs you are describing?

Gancho Kolaksazov: Victor, can you give a link to the platform you have mentioned when explaining the Skills Pipeline policies and activities?

RAMESH DESHPANDE: Q: Developing countries do not have much of Venture Capital financing! Can PPP model be used to fill the gap? 

Flora Tibazarwa: How can developing countries attract the investment needed to catalyse the ecosystem... particularly where the private sector is relatively young and is averse to start-ups?

 What happened to the bus-hailing app for the blind people? Is it officially develped after the competition? How many users?  

When talking about Innovation Withing Cities, please, tell me what is the role of local authorities in the process and for the encouragement of youth entrpreneurship?

Vilas Dhage: Can we refer this strategy to restrict consumerism and promote service sector to overcome ecological challanges?

Prerna Mandal: Is Creative industries and jobs are included in the study and trends for showing ecosystem and innovations? 

TAICHI GOTO: How cities should communicate or work with "unicorns" who easily work beyond city borders? Network of ecosystems in a sort of institutionalized form?

CESAR CAVALCANTI: Considering the present state of urban mobility in the majority of developing major cities, this is a very welcomed practice, dont you think?

Abidemi Coker: My question is what are the most common types of investors, particularly in cities in developing countries? Do investors often feel motivated to mentor young people or to assist in the kind of education or training in technology that allows the development of innovative ideas? Do you have examples of city governments in developing countries promoting with or accommodating entrepreneurship?

Vilas Dhage: How can various stake holders/enterpreneurs get involved by local self government?

Mia Fant: How is the community management? How does it work and organize itself?