Lessons from Expert Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship Policy Makers (11/18)

Hello everyone and welcome to the discussion forum for "Lessons from Expert Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship Policy Makers” on 11/18/2015.

Please feel free to use this forum to post questions and continue the discussion after the event!



Great webinar. Thank you - a lot of food for thought.

I am excited to share the recording with a few colleagues that also teach entrepreneurship in East Africa. I look forward to the recording. 


Dear E. Bigalke,

thank you for your kind words! Here is a link to the recording -- you will also find the Presentation Slides (as PDF) on that page. Best of luck with your entrepreneurship work in East Africa! We hope to see you in our upcoming monthly webinars too!


Dear Daniel, thank you for the information. If I may, I will come back with questions here.


Dear E. Bigalke,

of course, you are most welcome to post questions here, and on other parts of the discussion board!