Nastas Comments to Attendees: “Early Stage Financing for Innovation in Emerging Markets”

Dear All:

Thank you for attending and participating in the webinar I did titled “Early Stage Financing for Innovation in Emerging Markets” in January 2015. Many of you posted questions which I will answer over the next few weeks.

Some of your questions I will answer/speak to at an event on 19 Feb. 2015 at the Bank, organized by the Trade & Competitiveness Group, panel titled 'From Startup to Stardom: Can government spur innovation and entrepreneurship?'  

It starts at 09:00-10:30, Room I2-250.

Hope to see all of you.  Please approach me during the break so we can exchange biz cards and discuss ideas/initiatives to spur more innovation, investment, entrepreneurship and start-up communities in your regions of responsibility.

Be well & be lucky.

Thomas D. Nastas

Mobile #:  Russia—+7.985.923.4727; USA—+1.517.899.1432; Kazakhstan +7.702.109 7324

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