How do I update my user profile?

To edit your profile data:

  1. Logon to any page of your communities.
  2. Click on your username near the upper right corner as shown below.  A dropdown menu should appear.

  3. Click on Edit profile from the dropdown menu as shown below.  Your user account page should appear.

  4. You may edit your account information such as Display Name, Password, Email Address, etc.
  5. To edit additional profile information, click User Info button as shown below.  More options should appear on the form.

  6. To upload your picture, click Browse... button to select an image from your computer.  Click Upload button to upload the picture.  Use the WYSIWYG editor in the About section to introduce yourself.   As shown below.

  7. Click Save a the bottom of the form to finish.

Below shows a sample of user profile page.