• Will the digital transformation benefit men more than women? Or will it be a powerful tool to close the gender divide? The issue is a critical one for countries seeking inclusive growth. 

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  • OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría attended the G7 Leaders' Summit, where he delivered remarks at the outreach session on “The role of innovation as a driver of growth and development in Africa”, drawing on the findings of the OECD's work on the Next Production Revolution.

  • Businesses need to step up the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, materials and production processes if countries are to reap their full potential in terms of productivity gains. That is the key message of the OECD's new report entitled The Next Production Revolution: Implications for Governments and Business, launched in Rome on 10 May. With analysis of a wide range of technological developments in production, from increasingly autonomous digital systems, to the environmental impact of 3D printing to the latest advances in industrial biotechnology, the report offers new insights for policy makers seeking to create the right conditions for seizing the opportunities of the NPR.

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    • The World Bank Group is helping countries across Latin America improve their policies and programs to encourage innovation.
    • To become competitive in global markets, companies need to adopt new technologies and better management practices.
    • Universities and the private sector are opening the lines of communication to align research with business and broader societal needs.


  • STI is constantly looking for ways of better understanding where our economies and societies are today, and where they are going tomorrow. While a key focus now is the OECD's cross-cutting project on digital transformation- Going Digital - we traverse a vast range of topics, developing evidence-based policy advice on the contribution of science, technology and innovation to growth and well-being.

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  • On 10 May, the OECD's report on the Next Production Revolution (NPR) will be launched. Almost every day we hear of technological breakthroughs, from artificial intelligence to 3D printing to self-driving cars. This report provides an assessment of the medium-term economic and policy implications of new and emerging production technologies, to help policy makers set a course to fully harness the opportunities of the NPR.

  • OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría, attended the G20 Digital Ministerial where he delivered remarks at the G20 Multi-Stakeholder Conference “Digitalisation: Policies for a Digital Future”.

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  • Costa Rica has achieved a successful social and economic transformation, but challenges remain. Harnessing innovation to revitalise business through productivity growth and diversification towards goods and services of high knowledge content will be critical. The OECD's Review of Costa Rica's innovation policy was launched on 20 April with a series of high level events at the Presidential Palace in San José.

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  • Are countries capturing the value of their innovative activities? This paper aims to help policy makers better understand the interdependencies between global value chains (GVCs) and global innovation networks (GINs). More information

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  • Even before the Global Crisis, productivity growth had slowed in many OECD countries. Using a cross-country firm-level database for 24 countries, the OECD revealed an increasing productivity gap between the global frontier and laggard firms, fewer exits by weak firms, and a decline in entry...