112th Session of the CSTP

When: Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - Friday, Mar 16, 2018, (All day)

Item 01- DSTI/STP/A(2018)1

Draft Agenda: 112th Session of the Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP)

Item 02 - DSTI/STP/M(2017)2

Draft Summary Record: 111th Session of CSTP

Item 04 - DSTI/STP/GSF(2018)1

Draft Programme: Joint CSTP-GSF Workshop "Towards New Principles for Enhanced Access to Public Data for Science, Technology and Innovation"

Item 05 - DSTI/STP/TIP(2018)1

CSTP-TIP Workshop: "Boosting knowledge transfer between science and industry: New models and practices"

Item 06 - DSTI/STP/BNCT(2018)2

Project Update: Neurotechnology and Society

Item 07 - DSTI/STP(2018)1

Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy Database: A New Joint EC-OECD Knowledge Base on STI Policies

Item 10 - DSTI/STP/NESTI(2017)15

Delivering the Oslo Manual 2018: Guidelines for collecting, reporting and using data on innovation

Item 12 - DSTI/STP(2018)4

International Co-operation in STI for Grand Challenges: Update and Progress Report

Item 14 - DSTI/STP/TIP(2017)3/REV1

Digital and open innovation in the automotive industry and the transportation sector

Item 14 - DSTI/STP/TIP(2017)5/REV1

Innovation policies in the context of digital transformation: a preliminary overview of innovation policies across OECD countries

Item 15 - DSTI/STP/TIP(2017)10/REV2

A Cross-Country Mapping of the Governance of Public Research - Final Results

Item 16 - DSTI/CIIE/STP/CDEP/CP(2017)1

Framing the STI Programme of Work and Budget 2019-20

Item 16 - DSTI/STP(2018)5

Draft Programme of Work and Budget 2019-20: Proposals for Output Area 1.3.2