The CSTP Mandate

The current version of the CSTP mandate is valid until 31st December 2019.


The CSTP shall be responsible for encouraging co‑operation among Members and, as appropriate, with Partners, in the field of science, technology and innovation (STI) policy, with a view to contributing to the achievement of economic, social and scientific aims, including growth and the creation of jobs, sustainable development, improved well-being of their citizens and advancing the frontiers of knowledge. It shall pay particular attention to the integration of science, technology and innovation policy with other aspects of government policy, which is of increasing importance in the development of increasingly globalised knowledge economies.

The CSTP shall, more particularly, be responsible for:

 i) Improving, through analytical work and the development of relevant internationally comparable indicators, the understanding of the process through which science, technology and innovation contribute to increased knowledge, productivity growth, economic performance, job creation, sustainable development and social well-being;

ii) Promoting the exchange of information and discussion among Members on the objectives, instruments and financing of national, regional and global science, technology and innovation policy, in order to facilitate international comparison, to develop evaluation models and to identify relevant best policy practices. Relevant foci include policies related to the production, dissemination and exchange of knowledge; research infrastructures; human resource development and mobility; the strengthening of links between research, higher education and industry; the nature of the links between science and innovation policy; and demand-side measures to stimulate innovation;

iii) Promoting the exchange of information and discussion among Members and Partners on policies designed to maintain a strong and creative base of scientific research endowed with a relevant and adequate infrastructure;

iv) Identifying new themes of potential interest to Members for the future work of the CSTP and its subsidiary bodies, primarily via the development of a strategic foresight capacity and horizon scanning capabilities and support for scoping exercises;

v) Improving the understanding of Members and Partners of both foreseeable developments and impact of technologies, including converging, emerging and enabling technologies, and their likely national as well as international economic, social and environmental consequences, and the impact of globalisation on their national and regional research and innovation systems;

vi) Promoting the exchange of information and discussion among Members and Partners on measures to promote public understanding of science and technology, to make science and technology studies and training more attractive; and to strengthen, within each Member country and on the broader level, dialogue and interaction with science, industry, higher education and civil society in formulating and implementing science, technology and innovation policies;

vii) Promoting the exchange of information and discussion among Members and Partners on science policy governance issues such as setting targets, impact assessments, funding mechanisms and the use of scientific advice and expertise in policy making;

viii) Identifying policies and regulatory frameworks which facilitate international co-operation in science, technology and innovation to address global challenges as well as, as appropriate, co-ordination among Members, and among Members and Partners, on the development of research objectives and priorities, funding and spending mechanisms, institutional and access arrangements and enhanced transfer and dissemination opportunities;

ix) Facilitating international co‑operation in science, technology and innovation, as well as, as appropriate, policy co-ordination among Members, and among Members and Partners, on the development of research, access to scientific information and the international mobility of researchers;

x) Facilitating the efforts of the Members to strengthen the scientific, technological and innovative capabilities of developing and emerging countries, whilst also taking stock and learning from the policy experiences of developing and emerging countries.

Co-ordination Arrangements

1. In the pursuit of these objectives, the CSTP shall determine the strategic orientations of its subsidiary bodies, and receive regular reports from them to ensure their co-ordination, policy integration and evaluation. 

2. The CSTP shall maintain close working relationships with other relevant bodies of the Organisation working on issues that affect the design and implementation of science, technology and innovation policies, in particular overarching horizontal activities that relate to the strategic priorities of the CSTP.

3. The CSTP shall strengthen its co-operation with regional, international and other organisations active in this policy field. It may consult with non-governmental bodies as and when necessary.