OECD Global Science Forum (GSF)

In the area of international scientific co-operation, the Global Science Forum (GSF) provides a venue for consultations among senior science policy officials of OECD member countries. It produces findings and action recommendations on high-priority science policy issues requiring international consultations/co-operation, and identifies opportunities for collaboration on major scientific undertakings.

The GSF is concerned mainly with the health of the science base that underpins systems of science, technology and innovation. This includes coverage of activities and policies relating to both academic and private sector research actors and to the infrastructures and human and financial resources associated with them. It covers both basic and applied research across all disciplines, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary research. The interface between science and policy and science and society are important areas of interest.

The main target group for the outcomes of GSF-projects are science policy-makers. GSF plays a bridging role between the research community and the science policy community. All GSF activities should contribute to the development of better science policy. In this regard, the Forum is uniquely positioned to facilitate exchange of information and best practices, propose global standards and foster collaboration between OECD member and partner countries.

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GSF Strategic Directions

Science, technology and innovation (STI) policy is a critical area of focus for the OECD’s overall mission of ‘promoting better policies for better lives’. The OECD Global Science Forum Strategic Directions 2015-2019 provides a brief introduction to the OECD Global Science Forum, including its main strategic directions and processes for the period 2015-2019. As such, it is a simple reference document for those involved directly with the Forum and its activities, either as national representatives or partners. It should also be a useful introduction to the Forum for all those who are interested in its science policy activities.

This booklet expands upon the formally approved GSF mandate, 2015-2019 and incorporates the formal Programme of Work and Budget (PWB), 2015-2016.  It complements but does not replace these official documents and it communicates their main content in a way that is perhaps more accessible to those who are not familiar with OECD’s internal processes and structures.


Three GSF reports on Open Science and Funding were published in 2018 (see GSF publications).