Research Careers

What do you think is the main challenge for research careers in your country in 2030?

  • Expansion of careers (flexibility and opportunity). Keeping up with how these careers evolve.
  • Interphase with the private sector. Encouraging PhD scientists insertion in industry.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Adjusting training to the specific needs of countries.
  • Competition pressure decreases originality.
  • Increased top-down research agenda.
  • Obtaining tenure in universities. Increase of short term contracts in higher education institutions.
  • Ensuring a sufficient supply of teachers.
  • Tackling aging populations, e.g. decreasing number of students.
  • Academic careers: procuring competitive wages and job offers.
  • Competition for funding- short-term funding makes it difficult for researchers to plan their careers. Encouraging multidisciplinarity.
  • Understanding the direction of funding to target the right research areas.
  • Promoting the mobility of scientists.
  • Interphase between humans and machines.