Topic 1 (Day 1) : The role of incentives and capabilities in fostering innovation and productivity: what have we learned?

  • How does innovation affect firm productivity and what are the conditions for this to happen? What are the lessons from research and the international experience?
  • What types of innovation for what firms? How to address the needs for incremental innovation and technology adoption in SMEs -what are the international policy practices?
  • In which ways public policies help to address innovation needs? What are the key policy areas to foster innovation? What are the lessons from the international experience for the design of an appropriate policy mix?
  • How is learning from the frontier shaped by structural and contextual factors (framework conditions)? What are the benefits of accessing global technology markets relative to protecting domestic markets, and what other measures could reinforce acquisition of global technologies?



Attached are four documents that are relevant to the discussion under this agenda item. They are:

1. OECD Innovation Strategy 2015 - a brief summary for the OECD Ministerial meeting of some main policy learnings on innovation.

2. Paper on OECD work on employment dynamics, involving cooperation with IPEA, showing the important role of young firms for employment growth and policies that affect scaling of such firms

3. Paper on the role of and policies for knowledge-based capital and its contribution to growth and innovation.


Dear Dirk, the power point looks very interesting and provides answers to some of the questions above proposed. It would be very helpful for this discussion to add to the power point one slide containing one or two examples or a chart illustrating policy actions undertaken in OECD countries to promote technology diffusion -examples of actions/programs or institutions -.e.g. Manufacturing Extension Program in the US


Attached E. Verhoogen's Presentation -Upgrading and Shared Prosperity -Insights from Research


Attached M. Dutz's Presentation - Innovation, capabilities and incentives


Attached D. Pilat's Presentation - Strengthening Innovation and Productivity in Brazil – What Policies for Innovation?