Topic 3 (Day 1) : Framework conditions for innovation: education and skills, a pro-productivity business environment, and global learning spillovers

  • Which are the key reforms to be tackled in terms of competition regulation? How to advance competition in internal markets without the detriment of foreign direct investment?
  • How to reinforce skills for innovation and make higher education more in line with industry demands?
  • How could Brazil better leverage innovation (and the impact of other policies for innovation) through trade and FDI? What does international evidence say about the interplay between international trade & investment and innovation policy?
  • In improving the legal framework and functioning of IPR systems, which areas need to be addressed and in which ways to better incentivize innovation and technology diffusion? What are the international practices to promote IPRs?
  • How much of the regulatory framework states at the federal level and how much is concentrated in regional administrations? What are the most relevant practices to make the regulatory framework for business creation and registration more business and innovation conducive?



Attached P. Barros' Presentation - Inovação e Produtividade