Topic 4 (Day 2) : Innovation and public policies: the role of science-industry collaboration, and how to ensure that science and technology development is as demand-driven as possible

  • What are the obstacles (regulatory and non-regulatory) to industry-science collaboration in Brazil? What policy and governance reforms are needed to improve the impact of Brazilian S&T investments on the economy?
  • To what extent do governance (and cultural) aspects and deficiencies in institutional incentives (regulatory frameworks) prevent investments in public research (S&T institutions) from having a meaningful impact on national innovation?
  • Why has mission-oriented governance not been fully established economy-wide? How can the public research systems be tilted towards more mission-oriented governance (e.g. performance-funding and performance evaluation)?
  • What are the possibilities and relevance for the Brazilian research system to adopt evaluation mechanisms as part of improved governance (performance evaluation and accountability of results) and to make public research more in line with international standards of excellence, and in line with international practices (e.g. the United Kingdom Research Excellence Framework)?



Attached C. Pacheco's Presentation - Challenges to Innovate: Key Issues for Brazil


Attached S. Queiroz's Presentation - Challenges and Opportunities in University-Industry Collaborative Research