Topic 5 (Day 2) : Innovation and public policies: leveraging public investment through learning by monitoring for improved implementation

  • There is room to improve the effectiveness of policies for innovation. Brazil could improve policy learning and effectiveness through the more systematic adoption of M&E frameworks, which in addition to measuring the achievement of goals (effectiveness) and the efficiency of programs, would permit adjustments to made over time in implementation based on continuous learning of which programs and instruments work well and which work less well.
  • There is the need to gain more knowledge and improve learning in technology transfer programs through M&E (SIBRATEC and similar programs) and other forms of technology transfer, their impact on technology adoption and subsequent productivity upgrading by firms.
  • Adoption of more a systematic M&E framework across policies for innovation should be supplemented by periodic Public Expenditure Reviews of policies for innovation, to assess the quality of public spending on innovation, in terms of benefits relative to costs, and explore ways to enhance the quality of public spending on innovation.

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Here attached a recent publication by the World Bank on how to implement public expenditures reviews of STI policies.