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Science Advice: International Co-operation and Exchange of Data and Information during Transnational Crisis - OECD Project

The OECD Global Science Forum (GSF) published a report Scientific Advice for Policy Making: the Role and Responsibility of Expert Bodies and Individual Scientists in 2015. One of the areas that were identified as a priority for action was the international coordination of science advice and effective exchange of scientific data and information across countries in crisis situations. Recent crises such as the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake, the West Africa Ebola outbreak and the Zika and microcephaly public health emergency have also highlighted the special challenges on these areas.

GSF is working on a follow-up project, Science Advice: International Cooperation and Exchange of Data and Information during Transnational Crises. The aim is to develop an improved understanding of national mechanisms for obtaining science advice in emergencies, how these mechanisms interact across constituencies during transnational crises and the barriers to information and data sharing that exist in such situations. The project is designed to promote mutual learning between countries and the main output will be policy recommendations/options on information and data sharing during transnational crises.

News and Updates

The conference "Science and Policy-Making: towards a new dialogue" was held on 29-30 September 2016 in Brussels, hosted by the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and the European Commission (EC). The ariticle collection "Scientific Advice to governments" was also launched at the conference. You can find the following articles which are…